About Bre

The purpose of this blog is to tie in my personal experiences with valuable life changing lessons that people have passed on to me. My twenties have been filled with disappointments, laughter, fear and hope. I believe that the wisdom. I continue to gain while trudging through this journey of life, may come as a sense of inspiration to those embarking on similar paths. The treasure that I have accumulated, I give freely to anyone willing to embrace my many testimonies.


Having had the opportunity to pursue my dreams of becoming a model, I feel like it is time for me to share what has been given so freely to me throughout these past few years; and that is, wisdom. Born a city girl, I learned quickly to talk fast, react immediately and leave very little room for error. Some of this has been helpful along my journey; however, life is much bigger than the town we were raised in. In fact, life is so big that it can take many lives just to conquer one dimension of it. The truth is, most of us will never see or hear the many lives that we can embark on. But in my opinion, it is worth a try.

In almost ten years I have traveled internationally, headed some pretty awesome campaigns and even appeared in a magazine or two. My dreams were really becoming tangible! Yet, even with this level of success, I still had questions and concerns regarding my life. All of them seemed to lead me down the same road “Am I good enough?” For some reason, I assumed that life would allow some sort of grace period for those who are still figuring out the answers to these questions. Sadly, I was left empty-handed. If you are like me, then you must know the outcome of any new endeavor before you take such a risk. I was so boggled down with the fear of being “good enough” that I was overwhelmed. I was defeated and discouraged before my journey could ever take flight. It wasn’t until recently that I exhaled. I decided to do my best and trust that life would guide me to the next indicated step.


In the midst of my worrying, I found reprieve. Have you ever met someone who within one conversation made better sense of your life than you’ve accumulated? I can attest to this. Over the years, I have met people who I believe were strategically place into my life to guide me through rough patches. Like all of the young men and women I met in Atlanta, Georgia, who survived rape and molestation, or the old woman who taught me how to relieve my anxiety by crochet on a short plane ride to South Carolina. Or even, the man I met on the A train in New York. He sporadically drew me on his way to work as a super hero, on a day when I was down about a terrible casting. Unbeknownst to all of them, these people taught me the power of forgiveness, the courage of spontaneity, and how to fall in love again with dreaming. It is people such as these who filled the gaps of worrisome and insecurities I had acquired. It was their laughter and sorrow that solidified their humanity.

To me, that was what made them beautiful and transparent. What I learned from them was, we are all just human. We are not perfect, or are we supernatural. We are all just humans; and it is our humanity that makes us so incredibly extraordinary and unforgettable. It is gifts such as these that are more meaningful than any prestigious title or asset can even begin to compare. It is through people such as the ones I have met that make life’s journey less bumpy and more thrilling to unveil. We do not have to strive for the impossibility of perfection. All we can do is embrace our own personal progression. Whether you are a model or a teacher, a receptionist or a lawyer, your life is limitless. Each day is an innovative fresh start to living a purposeful wonderfully endearing life. I hope you will enjoy the journey.



2 thoughts on “About Bre”

  1. Hey Bre! Great introduction, glad to see you doing amazing. I’m excited about BrVelle and look forward to supporting the movement. You keep me inspired. ♥~Tay

  2. Hey Bre your’re amazing! My name is Jeannetta Thomas I would love to design a outfit for you! I know you don’t know me and this message is random and not to informative, but I am trying to grow my brand as a designer and would love to have you wear one of my pieces. No this isn’t a joke. The name of my brand is “I’Me” & the brand represents self worth and respect. My website is down right now for some redesign work but you can Google my company via web or images at “Imebyjthomas” and you can see some of my work. Thank you for your time and BLESSINGS for tones more success!

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